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Dec 23, 2012 1:30am EST
pat managed to win over not only the ragged women in a morobe and salt market but also sultan mohammed who granted her an unprecedented formal audience. her goal she told them was to convince people we enjoy being here and are generally interested in them. as it was not the only one to see the importance and her role. by the time the soviet trip, the last of their vice presidential ones, pat ambassador of goodwill had one of her -- and nric times calling her a diplomat in high heels. the report described her as self-possessed, self-made, orderly and precise. the capitol press club, an organization of african-american news correspondents, presented her with an international relations aboard in 1957, recognizing quote or goodwill at tiffany's among people of eight african countries end quote h.s. or as america's outstanding asset -- investor goodwill. deputy attorney general william rogers wrote to pat during a trip to europe which he had them bombarded i heard requests. he praised her significant role in public affairs. bolivar responsibilities a second lady that travel might only fulfi
Dec 23, 2012 7:45am EST
mohammed says. >> right. so there's this beautiful line that muslims follow that safety peace and blessings be upon him. none of you toward a belief until he wants for his brother, or his fellow what he wants for himself. in my mind i connect that with one of the same of -- the first of the shiite imams who sends a letter to his governor in egypt and says everybody there is either your brother in faith or your equal in creation. and this notion is central i think of both islam and america, right, that we have to lift up and emphasize the dimension of our traditions that build relationships with people different from us but it's this notion that suddenly radical openness but faith and nation as a breach of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. there are powerful movements out there making especially faith. a big part of what you about in your church, the part of what we are about, where big part of what reverend innovation and folks are here from impact, i have a lot of friends in this room, a big part of what they are about, or what they're doing is making a bridge of cooperation b
Dec 22, 2012 4:30pm EST
now. the whole argument over a film depicting the profit mohammed, which has led to protests and violence and attacks from libya to egypt to pakistan in just the last few days. we see this debate over how islam is supposed to deal with dissent. how they are supposed to deal with other kinds of people. how they are supposed to deal with disagreement and also to be able to deal with insult. it was a very offensive zone. for the question is how do you respond to. what do you do about that? this was on my mind a few years ago as i wrote this book. i felt that this is a single day that eliminates a lot of the ongoing struggles in our world. if i wanted to go there. i'm sad to say some of that some of the places and people that depicted in the book have been been caught up again in violent protests of last few days we might was the genesis of this but? you tell the story about why he wrote this book. >> i'm a reporter. i started going to the city of karachi, pakistan, in 2002. at first it was a place i passed through on my way to cover the war in afghanistan. later, i was assigned
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3